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The Health Guides Project at Croydon Voluntary Action played a vital role in the Get the right treatment campaign. About 30 Health Guides have been trained to do outreach sessions in the south west region of London. The aim of these sessions was to inform communities:

• About various health care services available;
• Where to go under different health conditions;
• About self care & health intelligence;
• To explain the 111 services and how it works in Croydon

Since April 2012, Health Guides have done about 300 outreach sessions in the south west region. Health Guides have been able to reach a broad range of  groups, which include communities from minority ethnic groups.
The presence of health guides at various public events and road shows like the Sutton U Shop , Family Centre launch event at Carshalton and Health Fair at Thornton Heath has helped in targeting a huge section of the community about various services.
This is what one of the community members from the session had to say,
“After this session, I feel confident and convinced about the services available in my area”.
The Health Guides project is a great example of local people’s involvement in making a healthy society as a whole