For the past six years Croydon Voluntary Action has been at the forefront of pioneering Asset Based Community Development (ABCD) in the borough. ABCD projects enable local people to connect, identify priorities and then engage. They invite commissioning processes to engage with people at the neighbourhood level where they live their lives.

CVA is leading on ABCD in Thornton Heath, Broad Green, Selhurst, New Addington, Fieldway and Selsdon and lobbies to proliferate this approach across Croydon

  • 2,000 + local people have been recruited to speak with others in their community, to find out what interests them, and to make connections and help them set up new activities.
  • 240 + new community-led projects have been run and / or completed - some of which have secured funding and others are able to operate completely with the time and resources donated by local people and organisations.


 Thornton Heath Healthy Living Centre Photo

Making Every Contact Count - New Addington


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 Croydon Best Start Project

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