Local residents in Thornton Heath has recently arranged and hosted a resident’s event in Thornton Heath Rec to look at ways of tackling anti-social behavior and poor dog control. Over 60 residents attended, many of them elders, who looked at ways in which the community could make the park safer for dog walkers and others. Also in attendance were Councilor Audsley, and the neighbourhood police team, dog wardens and the local enforcement officer. Actions identified included an information poster, what’s app group and regular feedback from councilor and police (who will step up patrols). Thornton Heath Recreation Ground was one of the earlier open spaces to be acquired by the Council in 1884.

For more information contact Paul.macey@cvalive.org.uk

Funded by the Day Opportunities Fund.

22:12, 23 Jan 2017 by Sara Milocco

Our ABCD community builder has continued to developed links and conversations with Crystal Palace Football Club and the Business Support team in Thornton Heath High Street to create volunteer opportunities at the club through the running of a match day kiosk.

Volunteers from local community groups will be running one of the match day kiosks when a home match is played and all sales profits will be donated to such organisation. The club hosted volunteers for the first time in January 2017 and we are looking forward to be working with them in this new year! For more information contact paul.macey@cvalive.org.uk


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22:06, 23 Jan 2017 by Sara Milocco

Through the support and the conversations initiated by our ABCD community builder, local people set up an opportunity to talk with Asylum Aid at the Brigstock Road hostel for people seeking asylum. Thornton Heath residents set up a present drop off ahead of Christmas 2016 and decided to meet with Asylum Aid to discuss working with residents to set up wider community activities that will connect people and make the hostel more attractive to all. We are looking forward to seeing all these initiatives coming up! For more information contact Paul.macey@cvalive.org.uk

Funded by the Day Opportunities Fund.


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22:01, 23 Jan 2017 by Sara Milocco


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