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Interested in getting experience in retail?

Open to all those aged 11-18 who live in Croydon

Tight deadline - 31 May - would you like a free app to help you bring about positive social change?

Ensuring your zakat gets to where you want it to go 

Getting you ready for the working world

Small Charity Week is the biggest event in the small charity calendar providing free initiatives, competitions and support over six days for charities or local community organisation with an annual turnover under £1.5 million.

Have you heard about the Live Well Alliance in Croydon and the support on offer?

World Cup Cricketeers will be the faces of the tournament and will carry out a variety of roles across all 11 CWC19 venues, host cities and event locations

Muslim Aid is aiming to raise £6 million this Ramadan with a campaign asking people to make their Zakat count by donating it to support the charity’s work.