The law changes on 1 August 2018. But you can apply for a waiver before then to take up or remain in a trustee or restricted senior manager position.  

The new rules add to current regulations that cover automatic disqualification for trustees. 

After the 1 August 2018 the rules will also apply to some charity senior manager positions (chief executives and finance directors - and those in equivalent roles). 

New reasons for disqualification include being in contempt of court, being named under particular anti-terrorism legislation or being on the sex offenders register. 

The Charity Commission's guidance provides all the information about the changes, and whether they affect you or your charity: 

automatic disqualification rules for individuals
automatic disqualification rules for charities

If you need to apply for a waiver, you should look at the criteria which  will be used to make a decision. 

You are encouraged to apply as soon as possible, ideally by 1 June 2018, to get a decision in good time.