A new social enterprise, Bloom – The Health Spa for the Mind – which is a plan to build an Eco-Centre for Wellbeing in Croydon. The Bloom space is based on Sasha Wallace's model to NOURISH the five ways to wellbeing: MIND, PASSION, CONNECTION, COMMUNITY and BODY, and divided into 5 separate pods.

MIND in The Library and E-Learning pod PASSION in The Coaching and Wellbeing Pod CONNECTION in The Eco-therapy Gardening Pod, with an underground greenhouse or ‘Walipini’ COMMUNITY in The Family and Recreation Pod, with lovely sensory rooms for people with special educational needs and disabilities

And BODY via the Hydrotherapy Spa Pod with a full Rehabilitation and Physiotherapy Suite and via the Bloom Cafe and Entrance Pod, at the heart of the surrounding Bloom Community Gardens, where local people can choose to be caretakers of a shared allotment space.

The concept for Bloom is inspired by the natural world, recognising our oneness with nature and reconnecting with all the goodness that nature has to offer. The underground greenhouse will offer a space for year-round growing and our kitchens will be place for learning about food and plants as well as eating and enjoying the natural delights prepared in the Bloom café. The plan is for Bloom to be located in Croydon, set in nature, within easy reach of the military bases along the South coast of England, with great transport links to London and Gatwick. There will be a conference centre, therapy suites, meeting spaces and the inner circle outdoor amphitheatre that can all be hired for events by businesses, health organisations, charities, and community groups.

The Health Spa for the Mind will be open to all but will be a specialist centre for learning about stress and building resilience and creating well-being for Veterans, Wounded Warriors, Armed Forces, NHS, Health, and Frontline care professionals. It is Sasha'a ambition that Bloom will work in partnership with voluntary and community groups, and charities supporting mental health and/or veterans, to ensure this is a genuine grass-roots movement that can build on the social capital that is already thriving in Croydon, connect with the existing veterans community, and continue to help it blossom.

Supporting our wellbeing is essential for safeguarding against dementia and other cognitive memory disorders. By stimulating our senses and pro-actively engaging in activities to make new memories, we activate the right-side brain, unleashing our creativity, strengthening neural brain pathways, and bringing balance to our mind/body holistic system. Bloom is about supporting our heroes, recognising their skills, creating inspiration and opportunities for learning, re-training, education and employment. There will be specialist Coaching programmes and Cognitive Behavioural Therapies (CBT) and Wellbeing therapies with professionals who have an understanding of life in the military to best support people with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and help them transition into civilian community life effectively. Therapies to support mental health and well-being include eco-therapy (gardening), hydrotherapy, food therapy, physiotherapy, talking therapies, art and music therapy, speech and language therapy, memory and brain training, neuro-therapy, neuro-rehabilitation therapy, and massage therapy.

This project is now much richer following an exciting year working with an architect to develop the plans, concept and design stages, and Sasha is now going out to the community to find investors to finance the land and the build, also looking for the opportunity to tell people about this work and her passion for mental health and well-being, and generate some buzz and feedback on the revolution she is leading to reduce stigma and raise awareness. Bloom has a way of capturing people’s hearts and minds and she is very keen to share this mission as wide as possible, while also making new connections with people that may want to be a part of this movement, such as investors, charities, MH champions, veterans/armed forces teams.

If you’d like to see more about this social enterprise, and view the wonderful images and designs for Bloom The Health Spa for the Mind, please visit: www.bloomspace.co.uk. If you’ve got ideas, feedback, suggestions for partnership working or sponsorship, or would like Sasha to come and talk to your group, please do get in touch.

You can also follow our progress and connect with us on Social Media
Facebook @BloomSpace
Instgram: sasha_wallace_horizons
Twitter: @GrowDreams