January Deadlines

Deadline: 25 January (small grants)
Masonic Charitable Foundation
Inviting applications to the Later Life Inclusion.  Small and large grants available.  Grants should be used to help people who face social isolation or loneliness for reasons such as financial hardship, care responsibilities, a decline in physical or mental health, or life transitions including retirement or bereavement. The support will help to provide a range of services to support the physical and emotional needs of people as they age, including community-based programmes and access to healthcare, transport and technology.
Deadline: 25 January, 5pm
Pocket Parks Programme
Grants for new pocket parks and to support refurbishment of parks that have fallen into disrepair where their restoration will make a significant positive impact locally.

Deadline: 31 January
Radcliffe Trust
Supporting music performance and training.  Particular interests are music for children and adults with special needs.
Deadline: 31 January, midday
Housing Help Competition
Awarding £10k to fund a feasibility study into a new or emerging area of social injustice, where the applicant feels housing could be part of the solution. The competition is open to any charity, research body or organisation with an interest in a particular social injustice that they believe to have be under researched or where there is something new to be examined about a particular injustice or solution.  

Deadlines in March and Beyond

Deadline: 1 March 2019
Peter Cruddas Foundation
Registered charities can apply for funding for projects involving young people, aged 14-20 for projects that are pathways to education, training, and employment.  Charities should also be able to demonstrate that they can manage the amount they have applied for and how they intend to continue post funding.
Kelly Family Charitable Trust
Grants of between £1,000 and £5,000 to support family based projects. Projects previously funded have included: befriending a family; support for non-abusing parents and carers whose children have been sexually abused.
Crispin Ellison Bursary Award
An award to further the professional development of those working or volunteering in a legacy management role within the charity sector.

Deadline 3 March  (For Small Grants)
National Vegetarian Week
Small grants of £200 available to support community activities or events that celebrate National Vegetarian Week which is taking place from 13th - 19th May.  (Larger grants of £2,000 available - apply between 17th March -14th April.  

Deadline: 22 March, 12 noon
Comic Relief
The 'Children Survive and Thrive Fund' is now accepting applications to support community action for early childhood development in the UK, Kenya, or Malawi.  Projects helping children to have the best possible start in life and become happy healthy and confident individuals are eligible.   

Deadline: 29 March
Dunhill Medical Trust
Offering two 2 funding schemes:
Grants of between £5,000-£40,000 for time-limited projects focusing on the development of care and support services for older people and
Grants of between £5,000-£100,000 (Building and Physical Infrastructure) to provide accommodation in the built environment for older people to enhance and maintain their health, well being, and independence or for specific pieces of equipment or furnishings which can be used for the care and support of individuals. 

Deadline: 31 March

William and Jane Morris Fund
Grants between £300 and £3,000 offered to churches, chapels, and other places of worship for small programmes of conservation work to decorative features and monuments.

Deadline: 12 April
Curiousity Fund Round 2
This is a BBC Children in Need grant programme (final round) aiming to improve access to engaging and understanding science for disadvantaged children and young people.

June 2019 (exact date not yet known)
Enterprise Development Programme
Supporting charities and social enterprises working in either the homelessness or youth sector to develop or grow their enterprising activity earned income and financial resilience Enterprise Grants

Programme open until June 2019
Social Investment Business
Charities and social enterprises working in either the homelessness or youth sectors can now apply for grants to develop or grow their enterprising activity and earned income. Feasibility grants of between £5,000 - £10,000 will enable organisations to investigate and develop an enterprise proposition from the very earliest stage into a proposed delivery plan. Development grants of around £50,000 offer support for enterprise propositions.which requires further development or scaling and where there is a potential requirement for subsequent investment