London OlympicsHow it all began and how it carries on


The 2012 Olympics and Paralympics put UK volunteering on the map resulting in volunteers being valued and appreciated more than ever before. The Games Makers, Ceremony Volunteers and London Ambassadors made the Games an uplifting experience for everyone, showing how volunteering changes lives on a world-wide platform.

Team Croydon builds on the sense of purpose, pride and ownership generated by the Olympics and Paralympics and continues this in Croydon so they can be part of something special on a local level as well as on the world stage.

We are building a pool of volunteers in Croydon who are on standby to help both at times of great opportunity and at times of crisis.

Opportunities will come in the form of royal visits, cultural festivals or similar events and celebrations that give us a chance to highlight all the good things happening in the borough. Recent floods, riots and other local and national disasters have shown that people are ready and willing to respond and make things right.

Team Croydon will enable this energy to be positively harnessed.


Could you Volunteer a few times a year?

Here is what we are looking for:

  • Volunteer Team leader – help us manage small teams of volunteers at events and activities
  • Events Volunteer – help out at events, stewarding, welcoming  
  • Admin Volunteer – help keep records of volunteers and events
  • Volunteer Ambassador – you will be trained how to help others into volunteering, attend promotional activities encouraging community involvement  

If you are a Croydon resident with a passion for promoting the positive image of the borough we want to hear from you! Our volunteers are able attend at least 5 volunteering events per year and commit to attend training and team meetings. Volunteering opportunities can be for a whole day or an evening or weekend, for as many or as few events as volunteers would like, depending on their availability. 

Each year there are many requests for volunteers for different occasions and events:

* Festivals

* Carnivalsteamcroydonvols

* Painting decoration/ Work days

* Street Collection/Fundraising

* Black History Month/Armed Forces Day  

* Cultural events

* Response to emergencies

* Awards ceremonies 

* Promotional activities/visitor welcome

* Sports Event / Fun Day

* Youth Activities

* Charity AGM’s

The Volunteer Centre Team will provide the necessary support and supervision of volunteers:  

  • ensuring that insurance cover is taken out and health and safety guidelines complied with
  • ensuring volunteers are reimbursed for their travel expenses and other out-of-pocket expenses as agreed in advance
  • providing initial induction and training in-house
  • including Team Croydon volunteers in the development and running of this project