CVA’s principal activity is to promote charitable purposes for the benefit
of the community in Croydon and its surrounding areas. CVA carries out its leadership role by promoting a bigger role for VCOs in the life of the borough and by supporting local people to represent their community’s interests and to negotiate on its behalf.

CVA’s mission statement focuses the organisation on “promoting, supporting and developing effective voluntary action, community development and community activity for the benefit of the whole community within the London Borough of Croydon”

As the key local umbrella infrastructure body serving all Croydon’s communities, we run a wide range of services for small groups, social enterprises, larger charities and volunteers at all stages of development.
 Whether it's joining a community network, volunteering,  catching up with the latest news for the sector, or our property service, you will find this information in our website.

CVA has four strategic aims

  1. Build and strengthen Croydon’s VCS
  2. Support individuals, communities and VCOs to be involved and to have a say

  3. Support and promote volunteering in Croydon

  4. Negotiate Croydon VCS interests through leadership and policy development


CVA is governed by a Board of trustees.

New trustees are appointed by the Board on the recommendation of a recruitment panel and newly-recruited trustees are inducted by the honorary officers on their roles and responsibilities. CVA’s Board is responsible for the strategic direction and policy of the charity. CVA’s Board complies with the NCVO Code of Governance and regularly reviews the major risks to which the charity is exposed, ensuring that systems are in place to mitigate these.

CVA’s Chief Executive manages the day-to-day operations and, supported by the staff team, ensures that CVA delivers the services and activities specified in its funding agreements.

See CVA's policies and procedures.

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Volunteering at CVA

Volunteers play a significant role in supporting CVA’s work and enhancing the quality of the service we provide. Read more about volunteer roles available at CVA.


CVA works in Partnership

CVA has a close working relationship with our fellow members on the Local Strategic Partnership and as hosts of the Croydon Voluntary Sector Alliance and related community forums we support VCS representatives involved across Croydon’s family of strategic partnerships.